These songs were originally recorded at various locations during the ‘80s on a cheap cassette recorder for the purpose of gauging the sound quality, and instrument/vocal mix, of the band’s sound system. They were never intended to be heard by anyone other than the band and definitely never meant to be used as a live album. That being said, the recordings do a pretty good job of simulating the experience of hearing the band live on a given night complete with all the performance and audio imperfections, the goofs and goofing around that an evening with the Timbreline Band would include. Please enjoy these recordings for what they are, moments frozen in time with the Timbreline Band. Recorded in glorious monaural.

House of Blue Lights

A good times swing type tune with lots of horns. Roy sings lead

I Sang Dixie (as he died)

Mike didn't die. It was the guy in the song. Kim sings this one

Eighteen Wheels (and a dozen roses)

Charlie retires from driving big trucks. Switches to driving big RVs. Also, Kim is psychic. Craig sings lead.

After All This Time

Roy sings the heck out of this poignant love song. ( I had to look up how to spell "poignant")

In the Mood

This song features Craig's synthesized horn noises.

All my Exes Live in Texas

Country swing tune with Roy talking about his previous relationships who apparently all happen to live in the lone star state.

I Cry Instead

Rework of an old Beatles song. Craig sings lead.

Pancho and Lefty

Kim and Roy tell the story of a couple outlaws ( Spoiler Alert: they die in the end)

All in the Movies

Slightly jazzy sounding song. The recording quality is not quite up to snuff but I included it mostly for Kim's guitar solo. He also sings.

Mountain Music

The title says it all. Kim sings lead with lots of help from the rest of the band.


80's era pop song. Kim and Donnie sing


Donnie at the blender mixing up some good stuff for us on this song.

Bed of Roses

Bed of Roses


South of the border tune. Roy sings.

50's Rock and Roll Medley

The title says it. Craig and Kim sing lead with lots of 50's style harmony.

Lost in the '50s

Sing along. "Sha-doop Shue-bee-doo" Kim sings lead and plays a great guitar solo.

Mind Your Own Business

A classic. Everyone takes a turn singing lead.

Ghost Riders in the Sky

Slightly rocked up version of the Western classic with special effects included.

A New Shade of Blue

Country pop ballad. Craig sings lead.

Sons of the Pioneers Medley

Watch out where you step

Looney Tunes

The band often ended their night with this little nod to silliness