Too Young to Feel This Damn Old

Kim Sings Lead

If You're Gonna Do Me Wrong ( Do it Right )

Roy Sings Lead

The Race is On

New Take on an old country song. Craig sings lead.

Little Ways

A hint of Buck Owens style. Kim sings this one with Roy doing the harmony.

Life Turned Her That Way

Roy sings this one

Lukenback Texas

Roy doesn't sound like Willie until Kim reaches over and pinches his nose.

Sing Me Back Home

Kim sings.

That Rock Won't Roll

Maybe if it wasn't a square rock... Craig sings lead.

Blue Spanish Eyes

A pop Standard. Kim and Roy sing.

Fire on the Mountain

Not a forest fire song. Kim sings lead.

You Look So Good in Love

She sparkles and shines. Kim sings.

Door Number Three

Donnie's experience on "Let's Make a Deal".

All My Rowdy Friends Have Settled Down

Roy's friends suck apparently.

Give Me His Last Chance

Kim sings.

Old Flames

For Mr. and Mrs. John Smith. Craig sings lead.

La Bamba

Who knew Roy was Bilingual?

Nobody in His Right Mind ( Would Have Left Her )

Is this making fun of crazy people? Roy Sings.

All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight

Earlier they settled down. Now they're coming over. Kim sings.

The Last Thing I Needed

Kim has a bad day.

Desperado Love

Includes a rarely seen cluster dance. Craig sings lead.

Mony Mony

Donnie sings a rock classic.