When You're Not a Lady

Craig sings lead.

The Cowboy Rides Away

Was this originally a butcher shop song? "I new the steaks were high right from the start". Kim sings lead.

Texas in 1880

Kim sings.

Silver Wings

A country standard. Kim sings.

Seeds and Stems

A tongue in cheek sad song. Craig sings.

Ramblin' Fever

He could have had a V8? Country standard. Kim sings

Love is on a Roll

Mostly a singer but sometimes a screamer. Craig sings


Keep the machinery running. Kim sings

La La Polka

Picture a medley of polkas. Add a bunch of stupid stuff.

I'm Gonna Miss You Girl

Craig sings about the girl he met on his summer vacation.

Hearts on Fire

Kim sings

Big Wheels in the Moonlight

Kim sings

Old Time Rock and Roll

Donnie sings.

I Didn't Know That I Could Lose You

Roy sings.

La Grange

Blues Rock Standard. Roy and Kim Sing

Baby Boom

Craig sings lead.